Entrance Procession


1. The crossbearer/crucifer (CR) leads the procession. The CR holds the cross with the figure on the cross facing toward the congregation (facing toward the altar) and high enough for the congregation to see it. The CR sets the pace for the procession.  Walk at a moderate to slow pace.


An incense bearer, or Thurifer (TH), may lead the procession on days when a Solemnity is celebrated. While leading the procession, the Th holds the thurible in his/her right hand and gently swings it forward and back (or from side to side).

Solemnities are celebrated for feast days and holidays:

Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God The Body and Blood of Christ
The Epiphany The Assumption of Mary
Palm Sunday All Saints Day
Easter Sunday / Season Christ the King
The Ascension of the Lord Immaculate Conception
The Holy Trinity Christmas
Pentecost Sunday Annunciation of the Lord

2. The candlebearers (C1 and C2) walk evenly (i.e., side by side) with each other but about one step behind the CR.  Hands and palms should be placed together.

3. The deacon walks behind the servers and in front of the priest. The deacon will be carrying the book of the Gospels.

4. The procession should be a constant flow.  Pace yourself so you do not have to stop.  CR and candlebearers proceed up into the sanctuary.

5. The CR puts cross into the stand facing the congregation.  The candlebearers put the candles on either side of the tabernacle.

a. All servers bow to the tabernacle and proceed to stand in front of their respective chairs.


6. Unless serving the priest or performing a task, all servers stand or sit at the same time as the congregation.

Hands are folded together in a praying position when standing and not in use. When sitting, bodies are erect, hands are resting in laps, feet are flat on the floor, and eyes are on the action taking place at the altar. There is no talking among the servers unless someone needs a reminder of something that must be done.

7. Altar servers participate in all of the prayers or hymns that they know. As the closest persons to the altar after the priest and deacon, altar servers must show reverence in all that they do in front of the congregation.