Altar Server Checklist


  •  The gold chalice with paten, pall, corporal and purificator and celebrant host are on the credence table, along with the water cruet, lavabo bowl, pitcher of water, and towel.
  •  One wine cruet and ciborium with host are on the gifts table.
  • The Roman Missal (book with the prayers for the Mass) is on the table behind the clergy chairs.
  •  The candles around the ambo and the tabernacle are lit. Use the lighter/snuffer to light the candles.  The lighter/snuffer should be extinguished by drawing it into the stem and then extending it back out of the stem. Do NOT leave the wick inside the stem because it will get stuck there as the wax hardens .
  • If incense is to be used, the charcoal should be lit about 15 minutes before Mass. The thurible and incense boat should be hanging near the servers’ table behind the sanctuary (if not being carried in during the entrance procession).
  • A butane lighter in the sacristy can be used to light a wick that in turn will be used to light the charcoal. It takes about 10 minutes for a coal to get white hot.  Make sure that the supplies (charcoal, lighter, wick, tongs) can be reached without interrupting the flow of the liturgy at the altar. Also, be sure there is adequate incense in the incense boat.